State Offenses in San Antonio

Different Levels of Offenses in San Antonio

In most criminal cases in San Antonio, the charges are filed under the terms of the Texas Penal Code. State law does provide local jurisdiction over certain types of offenses to the municipal courts, and these courts can hear criminal cases up to the level of Class C misdemeanors.

For anything above this level, however, the case will be heard in the Bexar County Court, which has the jurisdiction to handle all other offenses described by the Texas Penal Code. Certain crimes, such as those occurring on federal property or that involve interstate commerce, are charged as federal offenses, over which the U.S. District Courts have jurisdiction.

About the Texas Penal Code

The Texas Penal Code includes 11 distinct titles, most of which encompass a set of different types of crimes. Title 7, for example, describes offenses against property such as robbery, theft and fraud, whereas Title 5 includes offenses against the person such as sex crimes and violent crimes. Title 3 consists of a chapter that sets out the different levels of offenses, ranging from Class C misdemeanors to capital felonies, and the maximum penalties that run from a $500 fine up to the death penalty.

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It is important to realize that when you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you are being charged by the state, not by the alleged victim. If, for example, you are accused of rape, assault or domestic violence, it is the state of Texas that is pursuing the charges against you and is seeking to have you convicted. The arresting law enforcement agency, the investigators and the prosecutor are all working with the same goal in mind: to have you convicted.You need a San Antonio criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight to defend you. Come to the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski for a confidential consultation. As a former prosecutor for the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office, I have extensive familiarity with the provisions of the Texas Penal Code, and I have personally handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases.