Bail Bonds Attorney San Antonio TX

Texas Bail Bond Laws

Soon after an arrest in Texas, a judge reviews the situation during a bail hearing and determines whether the individual will be allowed an early release by posting bail. Having experienced legal counsel may influence the judge’s decision on the matter of bail and secure a reasonable release.

bail bonds attorney

The typical factors considered when determining bail include the following:

  • How likely the defendant is to show up for subsequent court appearances
  • The nature of the alleged crime
  • Whether the alleged victim and others in the community will be at risk if the defendant is released
  • How capable the defendant is of posting bail

If a family member or other loved one has been arrested and is currently in the custody of the San Antonio Police Department or the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, you can help by hiring a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer to intervene.

Experienced Bail Legal Counsel

In many cases, the defendant will pay a cash bond, either out of his or her own funds or by retaining the services of a bail bondsman. The funds go on deposit with the court and will be returned provided that the defendant complies with all of the court’s orders. In other cases, the defendant may be released on a personal bond, which is a written promise to return to court when ordered and does not require the payment of funds.Contact me at the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski as early as possible after your loved one’s arrest. I am prepared to present a compelling argument on behalf of your loved one in order to ensure that he or she can get out of jail with a minimum amount of bail, and I can put my more than 10 years of experience and background as a former prosecutor to work for you!