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Drug Crime Defense Attorney in San Antonio

In Texas, drug sales and drug distribution are punished similarly. Both hinge on the quantity of the drugs found. All drug crime charges are serious, and law enforcement aggressively seeks out those involved in the illegal drug trade in San Antonio. When the crime is sales, distribution, or trafficking, the legal situation is very dangerous. If you have been charged with drug distribution, a drug crimes defense attorney might be able to get your charges, and penalties, reduced, or help you to achieve a positive verdict in court. My criminal defense firm, the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski, is skilled at defending those who have been accused of distribution and other drug offenses.

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What are the penalties for drug distribution?

When you are found with a small amount of a controlled substance, you most likely will be charged with possession, as the minor quantity would indicate that the drug was only for your personal use. A larger amount would be an indication that you had some intention of selling or distributing the drugs, even when you had no such intention. When you sell illegal drugs, or when you simply make them available for others or you deliver them to others, you can be charged with distribution. If drug paraphernalia is found, such as a weigh scale or packaging materials, it will be believed that you are involved in the illegal distribution of controlled substances, or planning to be.

The penalties for drug distribution include jail and prison sentences could be from days in jail to many years served in state prison. Additionally, you could also be facing community service, probation, and hefty fines. Certain larger cases could include forfeiture of assets. The amount in weight of the drugs in question has a great bearing on what charges are filed. You could also be charged with drug trafficking if you are arrested for distribution. This is a broader term encompassing the manufacturing, distribution and transportation of drugs.

Obtaining the Proper Defense That You Deserve

The fact of being accused of a crime does not mean you are guilty. An effective drug crime lawyer in San Antonio will investigate every angle in each case in order to determine the best strategy to employ. In some cases, innocent people get caught unwittingly in a crime they had nothing to do with. Overzealous law enforcement may have violated your rights. The facts of your case should be reviewed immediately. It is always my goal to provide my clients with the highest level of representation and protection.