What Happens After an Arrest in San Antonio, TX

Defending Individuals Facing Criminal Charges

As soon as you have been arrested for a crime, the gears of the criminal justice machine begin turning. Unless you take decisive action to turn the situation around, the system will be moving forward toward an outcome that is all but certain: your conviction.

Law enforcement officers, investigators, and prosecutors all share the job of solving crimes and convicting criminal offenders. You are now in their crosshairs. The single most effective action you can take toward safeguarding yourself against the dire consequences you face is to hire a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio to guide you through the process and help you find your way back out of the criminal justice system.

being arrested

Why Work With My Firm?

  • Whether you have been charged with a DWI or drug offense, I can appear with you at the arraignment, the first court appearance and the point at which the judge will read the charges and ask you to enter a plea.
  • I can advocate on your behalf and seek a minimal amount of bail or perhaps even an “own-recognizance” release without bail.
  • I will immediately get to work on conducting my own investigation of your case.
  • By filing a motion for discovery, I can seek access to any and all evidence that the state has against you, which gives me an opportunity to find out what the prosecutor knows, and at least as importantly, what he or she doesn’t know.
  • I may also be able to file a motion to suppress key evidence. For example, I could seek to prove that you were arrested after a traffic stop without probable cause or if other similar infringements of your rights were committed.

San Antonio Defense Attorney Fighting for You

When you have been arrested, you find yourself at a crossroads with several different paths branching out before you. You could be convicted, or you might be acquitted. The case might be resolved through a plea bargain, or you might be able to walk out of the courtroom with the charges having been dismissed.

The outcome in your case depends to a large degree on the actions that you take now.

The one thing that you must not do is to discuss the charges with anyone but a San Antonio criminal defense attorney. Statements that you make to investigators can later end up being used as evidence, and you could easily say things that could constitute self-incrimination or even a confession. This may be an enormously stressful and frustrating experience, but I am ready to help!