San Antonio Marijuana Crime Defense Lawyer

Is Weed Legal in San Antonio, Texas?

Under Texas law, marijuana, or marihuana, is defined as “the Cannabis plant, seeds from the plant and any compound, derivative, salt, mixture or preparation of the plant or seeds.” If you are found to be in possession of any of these items, you could face a charge of possession of marijuana.

A conviction for a marijuana offense will usually result in:

  • A jail or prison sentence
  • Hefty fines
  • Possibly a permanent criminal record
  • Under Texas law, your driver’s license can also be suspended as a result of a marijuana possession conviction

If you are facing charges for the possession of marijuana, please do not delay in contacting an experienced, reputable criminal defense attorney. I am a former prosecutor and know how the state prosecutors think and operate. I have been practicing criminal defense law in Texas and the San Antonio area since 2002.

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Texas Marijuana Possession, Sale, and/or Paraphernalia Penalties

Possession of Marijuana:

  • $2,000-$50,000 in fines
  • 180 days to life in prison

Sale of Marijuana:

  • $2,000-$100,000 in fines
  • 180 days to a life in prison

Paraphernalia Possession:

  • $500-$10,000 in fines
  • 90 days in jail to 2 years in prison

There are aggravating factors that can heighten your marijuana charges, including selling to a minor and the amount of drugs involved. Be sure that you receive the kind of defense you need to protect your future and your freedom. To read more about Texas marijuana penalties, check the NORML website.