Probable Cause in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio DWI Defense Attorney

A police officer must have a probable cause to pull you over on suspicion of DWI. If a police officer pulled you over without a probable cause, and subsequently charged you with a DWI offense then you need to contact a San Antonio DWI defense attorney from my firm at once.

I am Kerrisa Chelkowski, and I am very proud to have a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating. I am a former prosecutor, and with my experience serving on both sides of the aisle, and my service in criminal defense has proven to be very beneficial to those who are accused of drunk driving. I know exactly what it will take to craft a winning defense case.

What is a probable cause to stop a vehicle?

One of the aspects of your case that must be reviewed at once is the police stop. You are protected by the U.S. Constitution and cannot legally be stopped by the police without probable cause. This could be a pivotal point in a DWI case, and if you are a victim of a violation of your rights, this fact could lead to a full dismissal of the charges against you. Probable cause is not based on suspicion but on actual evidence that leads to a police officer to believe you are driving while intoxicated.

Probable cause to stop a vehicle could be driving erratically, committing a traffic violation, swerving, speeding, wrong-way driving and similar driving conduct. It is not probable cause to stop you due to your race, age, ethnicity, or other factors unrelated to your driving. If you were stopped without probable cause, I am ready to help you fight, and I will fight hard.

I am a dedicated advocate for those I serve – the criminally accused. Your rights are important and I will fight for justice if you have been a victim of illegal police procedure.

I Will Fight to Protect Your Constitutional Rights in Texas

If you were stopped by a police and you believe your rights were violated, contact a DWI lawyer in San Antonio from my firm today. I will look closely at every detail of your case, including the facts surrounding the police stop. I am very familiar with where the police can go wrong in an effort to get an arrest. Don’t be railroaded by a tough justice system – get the help you can trust to go the distance for you. Challenging DWI evidence successfully requires knowledge, insight in and legal skill. I know what to do, and it starts with a full evaluation of the evidence against you.