San Antonio Federal Lawyer

What Constitutes a Federal Offense?

Most of the people who end up in the criminal justice system in San Antonio face prosecution for state offenses charged under the Texas Penal Code. Many of my clients at the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski, however, need help with federal criminal charges. In some cases, federal charges involve crimes that would be charged by the state government except for the fact that they occur on federal property.

This can include such charges as:

  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Certain Drug Crimes
  • Theft
  • Sex Crimes
  • Bank Fraud
  • Computer Crimes & Internet Fraud

Whether you have been arrested or are still under investigation for a federal crime, come to my firm for help. You need a San Antonio federal crimes lawyer who has been admitted to practice in federal court, a distinction which cannot be claimed by all of the criminal attorneys in this city. I am a member of the Federal Bar Association and have been admitted to practice in the U.S. District Courts of the Western, Southern and Northern Districts of Texas, as well as the Supreme Court of the United States.

Arrested for a federal offense? My firm is prepared to provide aggressive defense. Contact us today to get started.

Federal vs. State Crimes

Federal crimes are offenses that violate federal laws or statutes that are enacted by Congress and are prosecuted by federal law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Examples of federal crimes include drug trafficking across state lines, tax evasion, and mail fraud.

On the other hand, state crimes are offenses that violate state laws or statutes that are enacted by the state legislature and are prosecuted by state law enforcement agencies such as state police departments or county sheriffs. Examples of state crimes include assault, theft, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

One key difference between federal and state crimes is jurisdiction. Federal crimes generally involve violations of federal laws that occur across state lines or involve federal agencies, while state crimes involve violations of state laws that occur within the boundaries of a specific state.

The severity of the penalties for federal and state crimes can also differ. Federal crimes are typically associated with longer prison sentences and harsher fines, while state crimes may have more lenient penalties depending on the severity of the crime and the state’s laws.

Overall, while federal and state crimes share many similarities, they are distinct in terms of jurisdiction, the laws they violate, and the penalties associated with them.

Get a Reliable San Antonio Federal Crimes Lawyer

Federal prosecutors have immense resources at their disposal for the investigation of crimes and the preparation of their cases. If you find yourself in the crosshairs of federal law enforcement, you must take immediate action to defend yourself. As your San Antonio federal crimes attorney, I may be able to intervene on your behalf with the investigators in order to have the case dropped. Even if you have already been arrested, you can vastly improve your chances of avoiding a conviction by getting me involved now.