San Antonio Drug Paraphernalia Lawyer

Drug Paraphernalia Charges in Texas

“Drug paraphernalia” is a term that the law uses to define items that are used to cultivate, manufacture, produce, process, test, package, store or conceal a controlled substance. Paraphernalia does not just refer to a bowl or pipe used to smoke marijuana anymore.

It can include the following items:

  • Kits sold to be used to plant or harvest marijuana
  • Chemical compounds used to manufacture, convert or prepare a controlled substance such as methamphetamines
  • Isomer devices which can increase the potency of a plant
  • Testing equipment which can analyze the strength or purity of a controlled substance such as cocaine
  • Scales used to weigh or measure drugs
  • Other items used to package or ingest drugs

Understanding “Head Shops” & Drug Paraphernalia Sales

The efforts of law enforcement in prosecuting paraphernalia charges have now been aimed to those who possess these products and those who sell these products either in “head shops” or on the internet. Even the sale of a large amount of balloons can be considered a drug paraphernalia sale if supported by some other evidence.

If you are under investigation or have been approached by law enforcement officials concerning your sale of suspected drug paraphernalia, please take the time to consult with an experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorney. If you speak to federal agents without an attorney, you could be sealing your fate, handing them testimonial evidence that could be used to convict you when the feds believe they have enough evidence.

How to Get a Drug Paraphernalia Charge Dropped in Texas

As a San Antonio drug crime attorney with a personal commitment to each person I serve, I am ready to help you fight back. As a former prosecutor, I understand the criminal justice process intimately, and my goal is to help you avoid the serious consequences you will face if convicted. With my firm by your side, you can have a renewed sense of confidence in your case.

At the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski, I am prepared to protect your rights and defend you in a court of law against any and all charges related to drug paraphernalia. What may seem on the surface to be an innocuous item for sale could end up causing the downfall of your business with fines and jail time should you be convicted. Don’t chance losing your investment and livelihood.