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Burglary is generally defined as entering someone else’s premises and taking their property. Usually it does not involve the use of force, threats, or violence, as the goal of the perpetrator is to remain unnoticed. This is very different than robbery, which is far more confrontational, and involves threats or force that is employed to steal another’s property. Burglary charges can apply if any part of a perpetrator’s body has entered someone’s property, even just an arm or a head. Burglary convictions are often based on eyewitness testimony or video surveillance evidence of the trespass. The type of building entered can have an impact on the sentence imposed by the court in a conviction.

Penalties Associated With Burglary

A conviction for burglary is extremely serious, as the charges are most often a first or second degree felony. Typically a long prison sentence will be imposed by the court, particularly if you have a prior criminal record. Conviction for a charge of burglary can be life-changing, as after your release, you will be living under the restrictions that all convicted felons face.

You may be innocent, and be facing charges based upon mistaken identity. Your case may involve other factors that our high quality, aggressive criminal defense lawyer can investigate. Attorney Chelkowski has experience as a former prosecutor and can work to procure evidence to help craft a defense case on your behalf. It is advised that you contact the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski at once for assistance.

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The initial action that must take place after an arrest is to have a competent criminal defense lawyer to perform a complete analysis of every detail of your case. This includes all evidence, police reports, witness statements and video footage. There are many cases that are seriously flawed, and the duty of your defense lawyer is to help you to pursue a favorable outcome. Whether you succeed in an acquittal at trial, reduced charges or sentencing, or even a complete case dismissal, allow our legal team to be the one to get you there!