Five Common DWI Myths

San Antonio DWI Lawyer Dispels Myths

There are many misconceptions about DWI cases being circulated by websites and uninformed people which can lead to disastrous results if you blindly buy into them. Always consult an experienced DWI attorney if you are charged with a DWI.

One of the most popular myths is that placing a copper penny under your tongue before blowing into the Breathalyzer can lower your blood alcohol concentration reading. There is nothing further from the truth. Study after study has proven this notion to be false.

To the contrary, there are many cases in which a positive test was thrown out or excluded from evidence due to the failure of the police to follow proper procedure when administering the test on a suspected DWI offender.

Due to the nuances and fine points that have developed over the years, there is a plethora of case law and statutory law changes which make it imperative that you hire an experienced DWI attorney to handle your DWI case. An inexperienced lawyer handling a DWI will have to spend hours if not days familiarizing themselves with the law relating to DWI and may or may not bring themselves up to speed in time to file important motions to help defend you properly.

This is another old wives’ tale that should be disregarded as false. The field sobriety test has come under attack over recent years. Tests have shown that the stand and turn test and other tests have been less than 65% accurate in measuring a driver’s impairment level. Many cases have been successfully defended based on the inaccuracy of field sobriety test results.

This is another blatant untruth that needs to be dispelled. If the officer does not appear at your hearing, the court will grant a continuance and order the officer to appear at a rescheduled hearing.