Breath & Blood Tests in San Antonio

San Antonio DWI Attorney Can Represent You

If you were arrested for DWI after failing a blood test or breath test, there are options for your defense. You can fight these charges, with my help. At my firm, the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski I have extensive experience in successfully defending clients who faced serious penalties after a BAC test indicated alcohol intoxication.

There are several methods by which I could defend such charges, and a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights and possibly avoid jail. As your San Antonio DWI defense attorney, I can help you defend your case to protect your rights.

How do breath and blood tests work?

A police officer can stop you if he feels there is some indication that you are driving while intoxicated. He can then administer a variety of field sobriety tests to see how well you perform. If you fail these tests, he can then require you to submit to a blood or breath test.

A breath test in Texas involves the Intoxilyzer or a Breathalyzer, which measures the amount of alcohol in a person’s system, or the BAC (blood alcohol content). The legal limit is .08 percent. Similarly, blood can be taken from a person and analyzed to determine the BAC. You can refuse to submit to these tests, but you will incur a license suspension for doing so.

You are required to submit to chemical testing in Texas. Further, more and more counties in Texas are implementing programs in which officers can acquire a search warrant to obtain your blood if you do refuse the breath test. You should be given the option to voluntarily consent to a breath or blood test prior to an involuntary blood draw.

When Blood and Breath Tests Lead to Accusations

There can be many problems when your breath or blood is tested for alcohol content including the following issues:

  • The person administering the tests might not be qualified to do so
  • The equipment can be faulty
  • Certain equipment has not been maintained or calibrated
  • The officer did not have probable cause to pull you over

If you failed the field sobriety tests, there are many factors that could have led to the failure, even without alcohol in your system.

Potential reasons could include:

  • Nervousness
  • Fatigue
  • Age
  • Weight

There are also outside factors such as bad roads and extreme weather. In other words, there can be many defenses that could be successful, even if you test positive for any of these tests.

Retaining an Advocate Included in the List of Super Lawyers®

The penalties for a DWI conviction are serious. Your future can take an unwanted detour even if you are innocent. Don’t allow this to happen to you and retain a DWI lawyer in San Antonio who can fight for you.When I defend a client who has been arrested for DWI charges, I actively investigate the exact circumstances and all the details of the case. My goal is to have your charges dropped, dismissed, reduced, or to achieve an acquittal in court.