Computer Crimes & Internet Fraud in San Antonio

Under investigation for an internet crime?

If you are being investigated for any type of crime involving activity occurring on the internet, you must take action now by hiring a San Antonio criminal defense attorney. This type of crime is the subject of increasing levels of scrutiny on the part of state and federal law enforcement agencies, and the penalties for a conviction are every bit as harsh as those for drug offenses and violent crimes. Come to the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski for help from a former prosecutor with more than a decade of experience. I can represent you on state or federal charges, and am ready to fight to clear your name.

The defense of internet crime charges is a specialized area of practice, since it requires a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the continually evolving subject of digital forensics. Unlike many criminal investigations, there is no crime scene, and the evidence in the case usually exists exclusively in the ones and zeros of digital code. You need an attorney who knows how to properly evaluate the evidence for its strengths and weaknesses and who can find the most effective plan of action for disputing the arguments of the prosecutor.

Defending Against Computer Crime Charges in San Antonio

In many cases, the suspect in a computer crime investigation is identified based on the fact that the illegal online activity was traced back to the IP address of that person’s computer. Such an approach does not, however, guarantee that the suspect was the person who committed the crime. Another major issue that arises in many internet crime cases is the fact that the investigators may have violated the suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights through search and seizure without probable cause or a lawfully executed warrant.

Furthermore, there is the question of possible evidence tampering in the process of searching the computer, such as by inadvertently altering files or corrupting the records. Whether you are accused of downloading child pornography or engaging in identity theft, there are strategies which can be used to protect your freedom and your future. You need an aggressive and devoted defense to fight these kinds of charges. Rely on a criminal lawyer that has been included in the list of Texas’ Super Lawyers® Rising StarsSM from 2009 to 2014. Allow me to help clear your name of the charges!