According to My Fox DFW, the mothers of several children that died or were seriously injured finally got their day in court. The case of Jessica Tata and the February 2011 home daycare fire that led to her being indicted of 9 felony charges. Four of the nine charges are for murder. She is facing up to a life sentence if she is found guilty.

The words of the mothers that spoke before the court were filled with tears while the defendant failed to show much emotion. The words that they spoke resonated the same theme. They all talked about how they trusted her with their children and that she seemed to know what she was doing with the children. They all talked about the last time they had seen their children alive.

None of them expected her to walk out of the house to go shopping while leaving their children unattended. Not even Tata expected a fire to break out from oil that was left in a frying pan that killed four children and seriously injured several others. Tata’s lawyers say that their client did not mean to hurt the children. While that may be true, the prosecutor of the case is concentrating on the fact that not only was the trust of the parents betrayed but that her negligent actions led directly to the deaths and injuries of the children. If this can be proven therein lays the basis of the case.

Finding yourself at the defendant’s table facing criminal charges can be a scary thing, especially if the actions that you took to get there were not meant with any ill intent. However, stating that you didn’t mean to do it is not enough of a defense to ensure your freedom. You need to have an aggressive and competent Texas criminal defense lawyer at your side to protect your interests.