After a week of conversations that kept getting more and more obscure, Glen Birdow drove to Forth Worth to check up on his brother. His brother, Derrick, was acting paranoid, but refused to go to a hospital. Derrick Birdow ended up leaving his house in Forth Worth, driving past of a number of churches, and eventually crashing his car into the side of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church, going in, and beating a pastor to death. had the story on the case.

Derrick Birdow, father of four, claimed to be fine before the incident took place. He was fidgeting and acting paranoid, and he ended up beating Rev. Danny Kirk to death with an electric guitar.

Glen Birdow told The Associated Press that his brother was loving and caring. He also said his brother did not know the pastor or attend the church in question. According to Glen, Derrick did not have a history of mental illness, and he did not use drugs.

According to Tarrant County court records, Derrick Birdow pleaded guilty aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was sentenced to five years in prison for shooting a man, his brother says, because he believed the man stole money from him and police would not help.

Derrick Birdow died in police custody after he was subdued and put in the back of a patrol car. The Texas Rangers are investigating Birdow’s death.

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