According to, an alleged murderer confessed his crime to out-of-state relatives before the body had even been found. Albert Guerra was found dead and dismembered in his Northwest Side home in mid-May, and both Michael Scott Quinn, 50, and Connie Yanez, 36, have been arrested in relation to the crime. “The motive for the killing wasn’t clear because both suspects gave different reasons,” reports MySanAntonio, and “each also claimed responsibility for Guerra’s death.” Quinn allegedly called and told more than one family member what he had done in he immediate hours following Guerra’s death. According to MySanAntonio, “the couple first appeared to be acting strangely around 2am when they asked a relative for a ride… an hour later Quinn made the call to an out-of-state relative, saying he had ‘cut’ a man who ‘punched his friend Connie in the face.’”

Quinn also allegedly threatened to kill Yanez. “A public records search shows Quinn has a lengthy record,” reports MySanAntonio, “including a 2009 conviction in Bexar County for intoxication assault.” The relative to whom Quinn admitted “cutting” someone immediately called the police, and told officers that he had no doubt Quinn had murdered someone. As if dismemberment wasn’t enough, when Guerra was found the house had also been set on fire.According to Kens5 News, Yanez admitted to the police that she had been responsible for setting the blaze. “She allegedly told officers that she was angry with the victim for filing a restraining order against her and for not returning her property.”

According to a different article, in 2012 the murder rate was up 22 percent in San Antonio. “One pattern criminologists have seen is more justified slayings in Texas and other states whose laws allow citizens to arm themselves to protect their life or property if faced with a deadly threat,” reports MySanAntonio.

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