In early March a woman and her son were shot dead in their home, found by the woman’s sister, according to A neighbor, Carlos Pomares, “was devastated to discover the loss of his neighbors, who he considers like family,” according to Click2Houston. “When I went inside the house, I found the mother dead on the sofa and the son on the floor dead,” Pomares told the news station. “We knew her as Mother Turner and the older son was Mark.” Police did not believe that the slaying was a result of a home invasion, and immediately after the shooting began looking for 45-year-old Keith Turner, who lived inside the home.

Two days after the victims were found, Turner’s truck was spotted at a gas station in southwest Houston, according to Kens5News. The Police Department originally responded to a “call of a suspicious vehicle… when they arrived, police recognized a Dodge Dakota truck related to the shooting deaths of a mother and her son.” When police approached the truck, Turner got out of his vehicle, reached for his gun, and began firing at police. Houston police officers returned fire. A woman and two children were caught in the middle of the crossfire, according to Kens5News, but an officer noticed and helped them to safety.

Police wounded Turner, who was taken to Hermann Hospital. Turner was still only a person of interest at the time of the shootout, and has not been charged with the crime of killing his mother and brother.

Turner may not have yet been charged, but with his photo splayed in several major news agencies and the call from police to look for his truck, it’s likely he feels as if he had been. United States law strictly states that a person is innocent until proven guilty, but sometimes people are hardly given the chance to feel innocent at all. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, or wrongly fingered and then defamed by the media, don’t go through it alone. Contact a dedicated San Antonio criminal defense attorney today.