Glen Dukes, 43, was already spending time in the Bexar County Jail when new charges were brought against him. Since February 7th, Dukes was being charged for several counts of human trafficking and other sex crimes. The former pimp has now been charged in connection with the murder of a former working girl back in June of 2012.

The woman who was murdered on June 2nd was named Jacqueline Johnson. She used to work for Dukes as one of his girls. A witness reported that the 24 year old went to his house looking to buy some drugs. The transaction did not go as planned and Jacqueline’s body was found burning on the 100 block of Shrader Street.

Dukes apparently admitted his crimes to a former woman who also worked for him. She told the police that when Johnson was unable to pay for the drugs, Dukes became very agitated. He tied her to a chair with tape over her mouth. When she stilled struggled, he grabbed a plastic bag over her head and choked her to death. He waited until the cover of darkness to move the body to a brush and set it ablaze. Certain details of her testimony made sense when referenced against details of the crime scene.

While Dukes is being held under suspicion of these crimes but will be afforded a trial to prove his involvement with this event. It will be hard to convince a jury that a man already in prison is not capable of such a crime. That is why it is important to have a criminal defense attorney who can be your advocate and know the tactics of criminal prosecutors. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in San Antonio to begin fighting your charges today.