Cornelio Garcia-Mata, 45, who was recently sentenced to life in prison for his eighth DWI conviction, now wants a new trial. His defense argued that valid defense objections and motions were improperly denied during his court proceedings. District Attorney Jennifer Tharp did not agree, however. In her opinion, Garcia-Mata’s harsh penalty was a sign of community intolerance for drunken driving. “I am confident that the trial was conducted appropriately and the sentence will remain,” she said.

Garcia-Mata has a long history of DWI arrests, convictions and revoked probations and parole. All of Garcia-Mata’s previous convictions took place in Guadalupe County, none of which led to injuries. In 2008, Garcia-Mata was convicted for the seventh time and before that he had been put on probation, sentenced to a year in jail and undergone court-ordered treatment.

Garcia-Mata was arrested in Comal County on February 26, again for DWI. He refused field sobriety tests, but a blood test later revealed his alcohol level was over five times the legal limit. In his testimony, he admitted drinking, but said that he drove poorly because he was unfamiliar with the car’s standard transmission. According to Garcia-Mata’s defense, the jury was not allowed to see additional evidence. “Officers were laughing about defendant’s request for a Spanish-speaking officer and did not take his rights or the investigation seriously,” the defense said.

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