Making the Tough Times a Little Easier

COVID-19 has impacts across the world: Health, schools, jobs and justice systems, to name some, are taking a hard hit. While the nation’s economy is suffering, people are unable to afford the costs and fees associated with everyday living. The situation is especially tough for those who are in contact with the law during this time, considering substantial courthouse closures, schedule delays, and lawyer fees.

If you need defense but are facing financial difficulties during this time, contact me as soon as possible to get you through this difficult time.

I understand how challenging and stressful it may feel to be unable to afford a powerful Texas attorney to represent you, but fortunately, the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski has got your back. I am temporarily offering payment plans for those who need an attorney but are unable to afford reliable, seasoned representation due to job loss, budget costs, or anything else. The last thing you need right now is to worry about how to beat your criminal charges as a result of this public health emergency.

While nearly everything and everyone is struggling right now, Texas courthouses are especially taking a heavy hit during this time. Those who are awaiting trial or a pretrial release, as well as those who may still be on the hunt for the right criminal defense lawyer to develop their case, can rely on my aggressive defense without worrying about how they’ll pay for the upfront cost of hiring legal representation.

Contact the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski at (210) 228-9393 to learn how I can strategically navigate your case at an affordable price.