If you or a loved one has been arrested, it is essential that you understand your rights when interacting with the police. The Law office of Kerrisa Chelkowski has put together a list of what not to do if you’re arrested.

Don’t Run from the Police

If you’re in trouble with the law, it is imperative you do not run away from the police. Often, police will think if you’re running that you’re carrying a weapon and can be quick to draw their guns which could lead to a fatal consequences. If you run and are caught, the fact that you ran will be reported in your case and most jurors are under the impression that guilty people run. When the police are coming to arrest you, the best course of action is to follow their instructions exactly and hire an attorney as soon as you are able to.

Don’t Resist Arrest

Resisting arrest could also be considered consciousness of guilt. Any physical contact you have with the arresting police could be considered “assault and/or battery of a peace officer” which could come with some severe penalties. If you are being arrested, allow the officers to arrest you calmly and peacefully.

Don’t Offer Information

You’ve heard it on all the police dramas, “You have the right to remain silent.” Exercise that right. Talking to the police and divulging any information could harm you case. Wait until your San Antonio criminal attorney arrives before you talk to anyone about your case.

Don’t Let Them Search Anything

Did you know the police need a warrant to search your home or vehicle? If the police appear at your doorstep and say they have a warrant to search your home, do not consent to the search without asking to see the warrant first. If they are unable to produce the warrant, you are not required to let them into your home. Additionally, the police cannot search your car or personal items without your consent. If they ask for your consent, it means they need it. Do not consent to a search without speaking to your attorney.

Don’t Place Your Hands Where the Police Officer Cannot See Them

Under no circumstances should you try to conceal your hands while you are being arrested. If you’ve followed the national news the last few years, you know that doing so can be fatal. Keep your hands where the police can see them at all times during this process.

Don’t Sign Anything

If you’ve been arrested in San Antonio, the police may try and have you sign documents. They may pressure you for your signature. Refuse to give it until you can consult your attorney.

Don’t Argue

The police may try to upset you. Don’t let this happen. Avoid arguing with the police at all times. If you’re upset you may unconsciously divulge information about your case that could negatively impact your defense. Remain calm and make sure you make it clear you do not want to talk to anyone without your attorney.

Don’t Lie to Your Attorney

When you hire our experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyers, we need to know all the details of your arrest in order to build the best possible defense for you. Lying or withholding information from us can only affect you negatively in the long run.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Skilled Attorney

If you’ve been arrested in San Antonio, our experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorneys can help you build your defense. With a near perfect track record of success, you can be confident we will help you!

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