A man was shot on September 18 in the parking lot of an elementary school, because he started arguing with a drug dealer about prices. Fortunately, the man survived the situation with a grazed leg. Mysanantonio.com reported a story about the incident.

Erick Velasquez, 21, had arranged to meet with the dealer to buy a pound of marijuana, he told the police. He was walking to the dealer’s home when the dealer pulled up in a blue Mazda.

Velasquez got in, and they drove to the parking lot of a nearby school. When the dealer demanded payment, Velasquez paid, but the dealer said the price had gone up. This led to an argument between the two men.

Velasquez told the police that he displayed a knife, and the dealer pulled out an automatic handgun. The two men fought over the gun, which caused it to discharge several times. Velasquez fled the scene, with his leg grazed by a bullet.

The dealer followed Velasquez on a moped, and after another argument, the dealer took back the first gun and left. Velasquez first went to a friend’s house and then home to dial 911. Velasquez initially told the police he had been attacked by an old friend, because he did not give him enough gas money. Later he admitted that this was a lie.

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