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Can I Go To Jail For A Drug Charge?

San Antonio is a hot spot for drug activity due to its close proximity to the Mexican border. Local law enforcement officers and federal agencies, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), are quick to respond and act to any reports of drug-related traffic or illegal drug activity. If you suspect you are under investigation or you have been arrested for an alleged drug offense, the legal counsel you choose will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

I am a former prosecutor with the Bexar County District Attorney's office who has since devoted my practice to defending those individuals who have been accused of committing a drug crime or other criminal offense. I have more than a decade of legal experience and SA Monthly has recognized me as being one of the "Best Lawyers in San Antonio." I do not back down in the face of adversity and my nearly perfect rate of success is a clear indication that I am committed to fighting for what is in my clients' best interests. When you retain my counsel you can rest assured that I will personally represent you and I will be by your side throughout the duration of your case. I understand how frightening it can be to have been arrested on a drug-related charge and I am here to be the unwavering advocate you deserve.

Drug charges are not something to be taken lightly. You cannot expect a prosecutor to exhibit any leniency in these types of cases due to the potential dangers and risks posed by the distribution and use of illegal drugs, narcotics and other controlled substances. If you are convicted on a drug charge, the penalties you will be subjected to will depend heavily on the type of drug, the quantity of the drug, the severity of the crime and whether or not it is a state or federal case.

Even an individual who receives a first time conviction for possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana will still receive a 180 day jail sentence and be required to pay fines up to $2,000. The penalties for more severe charges will only go up from there. With all that you stand to lose, isn't a free case evaluation with a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer worth your time and effort? If you want to defend your rights and improve your chances of being able to avoid jail time, I strongly recommend you contact my firm right away and ask for me, Kerrisa Chelkowski. Any delay could put your freedom and future at risk. Do not hesitate to act quickly!