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What is the Process of Appealing a Case?

In many court cases, whether it was a civil case or a criminal case, either party can be dissatisfied with the results. Instead of suffering through it all as a losing party or litigant, you may want to look into appealing the case to see if the judgment can be overturned. There are some simple things you can do to get the process started.

First, go to the court or their website to get a notice of appeal form. Fill it out completely and file it with the court within 10 days of your criminal trial. If any part seems unclear, you can either ask the court or hire a lawyer who is knowledgeable in criminal appeal cases to ensure it has been filled out completely and correctly. Any mistakes you might make can cause your case to be thrown out or delayed. After all the paperwork is finished, you will need to go to the court clerk to file the notice of appeal and pay the appropriate fees. Find out exactly what the fees are by calling ahead because it can range from a heavy to small fee ranging from docket fees to processing fees.

Within seven days of filing the notice of appeal, you will have to file a motion that explains why you want to appeal the criminal case. Your Texas lawyer can help you make sure you fill out the correct forms by the appropriate deadlines. In the paperwork, you will have to name your attorney if you choose to have one. You will then receive a court date within a few days via mail.

The process can work if you want to go pro se; however, having a criminal defense attorney represent you and fight for your case ensures you have someone fighting for you with full knowledge of the law. If you are looking to appeal your conviction, contact an Austin criminal attorney who has the experience and knowledge to work with you on your case.