Prosecution Experience

Former Bexar County Prosecutor Fighting for You

When you come to the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski for help after being arrested for a crime, you will be giving yourself the considerable benefit of having a former prosecutor on your side. Not only do I have nearly a decade of proven experience as a San Antonio criminal defense attorney, but I also have extensive experience practicing in other areas of the legal system, including the following:

  • Tried numerous cases during my time as a prosecutor for the Bexar County District Attorney's Office
  • Served the community as a special prosecutor for the District Attorney's Offices of Medina, Uvalde, Real, and Guadalupe Counties
  • Appointed by all of the district court judges from Bexar County to serve as a magistrate judge

What does all of this mean to you?

I have an inside view of the workings of the criminal justice system, and this background gives me an edge in fighting for my clients who have been accused of committing crimes. Allow me to put this experience to work for you and get in touch with my office today.

Why Choose a Former Prosecutor

One of the most compelling reasons to hire a former prosecutor to represent your case is that I know where to look for weaknesses in the charges against you. The simple fact is that law enforcement officers do make mistakes. For example, many DUI arrests are made after the officer pulled the driver over without probable cause or reasonable suspicion. This fact often goes unnoticed, allowing cases to proceed to conviction, but I can examine your situation for such errors.

If I can expose major faults in the evidence or in the procedures used by the investigators, I may be able to move to have the charges against you dismissed outright. Similarly, I can conduct an exhaustive review of the evidence to find out what the prosecutor knows - and doesn't know. You are legally innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and I place the burden of proof in the case firmly on the shoulders of the prosecutor.

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

My background includes trying hundreds of cases before juries and judges in both state and federal courts, including cases with stakes as high as the death penalty. With my experience working on both sides of the courtroom, I can often anticipate the strategies that the prosecutor will use against my client and can then prepare an effective defense to undermine that plan of action. I know that the criminal justice system often rides roughshod over good people, convicting innocent individuals and subjecting citizens to harsh penalties that can follow them for the rest of their lives.

Contact my criminal defense firm now for a confidential free case evaluation so that we can discuss the situation and begin working on a strategy for getting you back out of the criminal justice system.

Client Testimonials

"You helped all three of us a lot. We are very happy we met you"

- C.W.