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Protecting Minors Who Are Accused of Crimes

Young people tend to make mistakes as they pass through their adolescent years. As minors, they do not yet have the sound judgment that adults do. As a result, they oftentimes end up making decisions that they later regret, such as decisions to commit crimes or violate the law in more minor ways. In other cases, minors may be unfairly targeted by adults who are quick to blame teenagers. In either case, it is important for juvenile criminal matters or juvenile delinquency matters be handled by a skilled attorney.

My name is Kerrisa Chelkowski, and I am a San Antonio criminal defense attorney who provides defense for young people who are charged with juvenile crimes. It is my goal to help minor defendants protect their rights and their futures. Any criminal history can end up jeopardizing a young person's future opportunities (such as those related to employment or higher education), so it is important that every step is taken to avoid adjudication (or a finding of guilt in juvenile court).

Examples of Juvenile Offenses

There are all types of offenses that minors can be accused of in the state of Texas. Some of these include the following:

  • Assault/battery (such as from fighting)
  • Criminal mischief
  • Drug crimes (such as illegal drug possession)
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • Theft (including shoplifting)
  • Truancy
  • Underage alcohol possession or consumption
  • Use of a fake ID
  • Vandalism (including graffiti)
  • Violation of curfew laws

The penalties for juvenile crimes vary, depending on the severity of the offense. A juvenile offender might simply have to do community service and complete a rehabilitative program, or he or she may end up with a more serious sentence, such as months or years of confinement. Juveniles accused of the most serious crimes may even be tried and sentenced as adults.

Qualified San Antonio DWI Lawyer

If your child is facing juvenile charges, do not take any chances with your legal representation. Make sure you work with a qualified legal professional who is fully aware of how the juvenile court system works. Contact my firm so I can provide you with the high-quality defense that is needed in your juvenile crime case!

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