Blog Posts in 2016

  • Your Rights Under the 6th Amendment

    || 12-Aug-2016

    When a person is arrested, they are given certain rights by the 6 th amendment of the Bill of Rights. This can be broken down into five parts which protect the accused. These rights are partially laid out in the Miranda Rights given by an arresting officer but will be fully explained here. The first right is to a prompt criminal trial. Infractions of this right are considered by four separate ...
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  • Connect With The Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski

    || 13-Apr-2016

    The Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski is a top-rated San Antonio criminal defense firm with over a decade of experience representing the rights of the criminally accused. Attorney Chelkowski has earned an outstanding reputation in the legal community for her history of obtaining “not guilty” verdicts and case dismissals. As a 10.0 Superb rated lawyer on Avvo and being named one of the ...
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  • Arrested? Don't Make These Mistakes

    || 25-Mar-2016

    If you or a loved one has been arrested, it is essential that you understand your rights when interacting with the police. The Law office of Kerrisa Chelkowski has put together a list of what not to do if you’re arrested. Don’t Run from the Police If you’re in trouble with the law, it is imperative you do not run away from the police. Often, police will think if you’re ...
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"Without your hard work and dedication, I feel my son would be in prison."

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