Blog Posts in November, 2012

  • College Students Makes Bomb Threats via Email

    || 23-Nov-2012

    Two kids from Texas are suspected of being the masterminds behind a rash of bomb threats to colleges in Texas. Perhaps a modern “Bonnie and Clyde” situation, Dereon Jayronne Kelly and his girlfriend or ex,Brittany Henderson terrorized the campus’ of Texas A&M as well as Texas State University. Over the course of the last month, the two have sent emails that led to the ...
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  • Brother Says Man Did Not Know The Pastor He Killed

    || 12-Nov-2012

    After a week of conversations that kept getting more and more obscure, Glen Birdow drove to Forth Worth to check up on his brother. His brother, Derrick, was acting paranoid, but refused to go to a hospital. Derrick Birdow ended up leaving his house in Forth Worth, driving past of a number of churches, and eventually crashing his car into the side of Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church, ...
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  • Mothers finally get their Day in Court

    || 12-Nov-2012

    According to My Fox DFW, the mothers of several children that died or were seriously injured finally got their day in court. The case of Jessica Tata and the February 2011 home daycare fire that led to her being indicted of 9 felony charges. Four of the nine charges are for murder. She is facing up to a life sentence if she is found guilty. The words of the mothers that spoke before the court were ...
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