Over the course of more than a decade of practicing as a San Antonio criminal defense lawyer, I have tried numerous misdemeanor and felony cases, and I have a near-perfect track record of success. When you come to the Law Office of Kerrisa Chelkowski for help, you can benefit from the fact that I am a former prosecutor and have worked on both sides of the courtroom on charges similar to yours.

Take the time to read through the sampling of some of my case results below to get an idea of what types of victories I have achieved for my clients in the past. Then, contact my office for a free case evaluation.

Case Results

Jackson v. The County of Bexar:

After being arrested in 2007 for driving with an invalid license, the Plaintiff, Julia Ann Jackson, filed a class action lawsuit citing that her constitutional rights were violated when she was ordered to be strip searched upon admission into the Bexar County Detention Center. After being detained for two days, Julia Ann Jackson and 25 other inmates were subjected to another strip search when forced to change into jail uniforms. Kerrisa Chelkowski was retained as one of the attorneys to represent any of the individuals who may have been arrested and jailed in Bexar County from November 15, 2005 to April 9, 2009. As a result, Bexar County decided to settle the class action lawsuit with a $5.5 million payout.

Valdez v. United States of America, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit:

Kerrisa Chelkowski presented oral argument to the Court upon which the Court reversed the lower court’s decision resulting in a reduced sentence for the defendants.

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud rejected by grand jury

United States of America v. Jackson, 06-CR-00291-OLG, United States District Court for the Western District of Texas:

Known as the Southwest Airlines case, after the defendant was indicted, Kerrisa Chelkowski was able to effectively present oral arguments to the Court regarding a motion to dismiss the indictment. After the Court requested supplemental briefs on arguments, the motion was granted and the client’s case was dismissed.

Stewart v. State of Texas, 03-0324, Court of Criminal Appeals:

In this case Kerrisa Chelkowski presented oral argument to the Court of Criminal Appeals upon which the lower court’s decision was reversed and remanded creating new law in the State of Texas involving DWI cases.


DWI accident failed FST's video not guilty

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child 8 counts Motion to Dismiss Lack of Speedy Trial granted, dismissed


DWI failed FST's breath test two times legal limit, Motion to Suppress granted, dismissed

Felony Insurance Fraud

Felony Insurance Fraud dismissed

Federal Bank Fraud

Federal Bank Fraud probation granted

Federal Mail Fraud

Federal Mail Fraud probation granted

Two DWI's

Two DWI's pending one with severe accident both dismissed

Felony aggravated assault

Felony aggravated assault with deadly weapon dismissed

Felony DWI

Felony DWI 5th offense dismissed

Possession of marijuana

Possession of marijuana dismissed


DWI Child Passenger dismissed


DWI Motion to Dismiss Lack of Speedy Trial - Dismissed

Federal Drug Trafficking

Federal Drug Trafficking Appeal overturned sentence

Felony Aggravated Assault

Felony Aggravated Assault Motion to Reconsider granted sentence reduced

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault of a Child reduced to Injury of Child and ultimately dismissed

Possession of Methamphetamines

Possession of Methamphetamines rejected by grand jury

Felon in Possession of Weapon

Felon in Possession of Weapon rejected by grand jury

Felony DWI

Felony DWI with Child Passenger, accident, video, not guilty

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